Sustainability & Winery

fruit on vines

The vineyard is committed to sustainability, with Fish Friendly Certification as well as Napa Green. The vineyard has been irrigated using recycled water since 2015, removing our dependency on ground and well water.

bird box in vineyard

We have 25 bird boxes throughout the vineyard to encourage the presence of beneficial predators like Western Bluejay as well as two owl boxes to house. We are able to avoid use of pesticide through use of the principles of Integrated Pest Management.

The winery is fitted with a biofiltration worm digester, able to reduce the water footprint of the winery five-fold by allowing us to recycle winery wastewater to be used again for irrigation or other grey water needs. Our red worm annelids are able to consume microbes in the water and create worm castings, which we are then able to return to the vineyard as a supplement to the soil.

western facing solar arraySolar panels are set on the westerly facing roof panels, generating 500 kW array. This effectively makes the winery energy consumption net zero.