Little Giant

The History of Little Giant

The “Little Giant” on the label is a tribute to the Newfoundland breed, two of which you may find lounging about the winery on any given day. These dogs are sturdy, friendly giants that were historically bred as a working dog on the eastern seaboard. Stories are told that these dogs were brought to sea and used to pull sailors back to the ship if they fell overboard in storms. Furthermore, they were known to actually tow small ships to shore by putting the aft lines in their mouths and swimming.

Cabernet Sauvignon is often thought of as being a little giant as well. Dark in color, and substantial in body, Cabernet is often a reliable dinner companion and pairs well with full bodied dishes. While elegant and regal, the Little Giant wines are lighthearted in nature, with Rosé, Sauvignon blanc and Merlot rounding out this group.